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Evo-stik Consumer Campaign

Building profile for a brand or corporate image is a complex marketing challenge. Editorial coverage is the most effective to convey brand authority with editorial coverage. In addition, it is sometimes the case that marketing budgets are unable to support a major above the line campaign. Above all, advertising cannot achieve the leadership positioning achieved by the execution of a well-managed public relations campaign.

Media relations is able to deliver a high volume of tailored and credible messages or engage in two-way dialogue via social media in a highly cost-effective way. In addition, editorial carries the endorsement of the publication and is therefore more credible to the reader, viewer or listener. This makes the value even greater because of the consumerís perception and trust in media.

The media relations campaign comprises steady and relentless exposure of the targeted product, service, or promotion. Wall-to wall media coverage, exploiting every available media opportunity, results in brand building campaigns which increase market share. In turn growing consumer exposure increases sales and builds awareness, stimulating loyalty and demand, and supporting ongoing trade and distribution initiatives.
Evo-stik Consumer Campaign
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